Have a fun holiday in the nature - come and enjoy a summer or early fall bog walk in Estonia!  
We will drive 30 km from Pärnu to spend time hiking up to 2 km on study trail and enjoying a stylish bog picnic, much worth the experience and surely, anyone will manage it. 
If you`re a good swimmer, be prepared for unforgettable swimming in the bog-pool!

In addition:

  • We`ll be exploring for typical bog plants
  • Take amazing nature photos
  • Listen beautiful bird songs

The price of the 4 hour tour is 38 euros per person.

You can pay on the spot in cash 15 minutes before the start of the tour.

Special rates for groups!

Bookings: call +372 526 6336  or  e-mail: info@peronareisid.ee or fill the booking form here

Book at least by 4pm the day before departure.

The tours can be arranged to take place on any day of the week if booked at least one day in advance. Minimum 2 persons.

Take a look at the photos from the bog walk in May 2014:

The 9 symbols of the nature of Pärnu region are: the red hot milky, the Scotch pine, the globeflower, the white-tailed bumblebee, the pikeperch, the natterjack toad, the golden eagle, the brown bear, and the Rannametsa coastal forest dunes.

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